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    Format: Parish History
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    The story of the Presbyterian Tocumwal-Finley Charge, 1880-1970.



    1880 - 1970
    [...]— TOCUMWAL

    P3ke ^Presbyterian Story of pDocumvdal- Finley (3barge cohering

    a periol of ninety[...]of the country was then known as Ulupna,
    becoming Finley on the 16th February, 1890.

    This southward trip[...]rilderie and later in 1918 the Charge of Tocumwal-Finley was. excised
    from Berrigan.

    Mr. Dykes looked aft[...]tuated about
    seven miles from the present site of Finley. Services were held in the
    Church at this[...]
    and Finley required that services be held in both places, th[...]901, a contract was let to transfer the Church to
    Finley. It was difficult to move owing to the sandy nat[...]tholic land in Denison

    On its arrival in Finley, it was renovated and the seats were varnished
    allowed it to be transferred, first to Finley and subsequently to its
    present location at South[...]is impossible to keep away from the
    connection of Finley-Tocumwal; first with Jerilderie and later with
    Be[...]lderie Charge, of which it was
    originally a part. Finley became involved as it was joined to the
    [...]that this was done, will appear when the Tocumwal-Finley Charge
    was created by excision from the Berrigan[...]GE.
    The Berrigan Charge, which included Berrigan, Finley, Tocumwal areas was
    excised from the Jerilderie C[...]no regular Presbyterian Services had been held in Finley,
    because what later became Finley was composed of the Murray Hut, a
    roadside hotel,[...]Dykes in 1915, and even later until the
    Tocumwal-Finley Charge was formed in 1918. During his ministry Mr. Dykes
    never relinquished his hold in Finley, but nevertheless the new Charge of
    Berrigan went[...]5
    until 1919. These are the men who served in the Finley and Tocumwal areas
    prior to the formation of the Tocumwal-Finley Charge in 1918.

    After the formation of the Berrigan Charge in 1893, Finley, being part of
    [...]igrations, until it came to rest in Scots Church,
    Finley; where it remained until 1963, reaching the ripe[...]gust 4th 1911 read : -
    "A concert will be held at Finley on 8th September in aid of the funds of
    the Presb[...]Dykes in 1901 moved the Fulton Memorial Church to Finley
    and soom afterwards the Assembly insisted that bo[...]ivided. During this period there
    was no Church in Finley for most of the time, except for a period when th[...]ing this period services were held in a home
    near Finley and at Myrtle Park.

    When the School of Ar[...]
    [...]t Sunday Tocumwal 7-30, Berrigan 11
    Second Sunday Finley 3.15, Berrigan 7.30. Third Sunday Savernake 11,
    Old Berrigan 3.15, Fourth Sunday Tocumwal 11, Finley 3.15, Berrigan 7»30
    Fifth Sunday Berrigan 11, Finley 7•30.
    Jerilderie Charge. Finley, Fulton Church Third Sunday in every month[...]
    [...]. Bates, the second Minister ordained to Tocumwal-Finley, was
    present and delivered the address. The Hon.[...]n prepared by the ladies.

    A Congregational Meeting, held in Finley on 24th February, 1918, and
    chaired by the Rev. H[...]constituted, that it should be divided, and that
    Finley, Tocumwal and surrounding districts be formed int[...]division,
    was carried. The new Charge of Tocumwal-Finley was formed by division
    of the Berrigan Charge as[...]ion in 1948.

    A central Committee Meeting held at Finley, at which the Rev. H.E.
    Thomas presided, Miss C.[...]at a committee of six,
    two each from Tocumwal and Finley and one each from The Rock and Retreat
    be appoint[...]port to the Congregations.

    This Committee met in Finley on the 15th May, 1918. The Tocumwal

    It was agreed that the Manse for the Tocumwal-Finley Charge be built in
    Tocumwal, provided that[...]
    [...]ion of Ministers until the
    new Manse was built in Finley and its first occupant was the Rev. A.P.
    Mortimor[...]event of its sale, and a new Manse
    being built in Finley, the proceeds of such a sale were to be
    retained[...]t in the event of
    a sale, a new Manse be built in Finley.

    An offer of £850 was received with a deposit o[...]operty was
    worth £1000 but would accept £900 if Finley approved. The sale
    evidently fell through. In 19[...]rtained. The
    Manse remained and an agreement with Finley was arranged.

    Copy of Memorandum of Agreement en[...]between
    the Congregations comprising the Tocumwal-Finley Charge of the
    Presbyterian Church of New South Wa[...]ocumwal end of the Charge of the one part and the Finley end
    of the said Charge on the other part whereby[...]monies were voluntarily
    donated by members of the Finley end of the Charge.

    (3) For many years the[...]
    the Finley end of the Charge, they agreed to assist by payin[...]Church Purposes, and should the Minister move
    to Finley after the sale of the said Manse building and a M[...]eantime as long as the Charge shall remain intact Finley
    will continue to contribute as set out in clause[...]Thomas Allan. Elder.
    Finley Rev. D.J. Munro Chairman.[...]e Manse, crops of wheat were, grown by members of Finley
    Congregation and £3386 was accumulated, Tocumwal contributed £624 and
    Finley held £70 in the Jubilee Fund. £300 was borrowed[...]nder
    was £7100. A Congregational Meeting held in Finley on 31st December,
    1959 was informed that £4380 w[...]guarantee the remaining 40% at the National Bank, Finley. Besides this
    the Finley Committee made itself responsible for £10[...]
    [...]man, K. White.

    [...]19, and a Manse had been purchased. Prior to 1918 Finley
    people had not been idle. A sum of £400 had accu[...]Congregational Meeting in July, 1918, was held at Finley with Mr.
    McAllister in the chair, evidentl[...]

    OPENING AND DEDICATION (Extracted from the Finley “Mail,” 10th August, 1920).

    Fine weather pr[...]ytery of the Murrumbidgee was
    convened to meet at Finley on the 6th August, 1920, to Open and Dedicate
    Sco[...]19-1920, the Rev. C.H.
    Main, Minister of Tocumwal-Finley, the Rev. J. Craigan, Presbytery Clerk,
    and the R[...]most memorable
    occasions known to Protestants of Finley and district. It concluded with
    the Bened[...]
    [...]urch from Mr. Close's foundry
    until power came to Finley from the Shire Council.

    After proceedings had te[...]. Hain was inducted to the new Charge
    of Tocumwal-Finley. Mr. Hain resigned to accept a Call to Cul[...]
    [...]ers who had
    been elected - Mr. A.A. Donaldson for Finley, Mr. J. Cowan and Mr. C. Pyle
    for Retreat, on the[...]McAllister and Mr. Peter Learmonth erected
    by the Finley Congregation, and a Memorial Gate in Memory of th[...]ranches of the P.F.A. were formed in Tocumwal and Finley and in 1939
    the Session was strengthened b[...]
    Mr. W. Lang died in 1942. He left a bequest to Finley of £500 and £2000
    as the nucleus of a building[...]was ordained by the Presbytery of Murrumbidgee at
    Finley and his duties included being part-time Chaplain to the R.A.A.F.
    and Minister to Tocumwal-Finley. He carried on this dual duty until
    the end of th[...]s negotiated the purchase of one which is now the Finley
    Sunday School Hall. Tocumwal also purchased a R.[...]year 1964 and visited his old Charge of Tocumwal-
    Finley while Moderator.

    In 1946 Mr. J.T.P. Gilmour resi[...]ster at Berrigan when the separation of Tocumwal-
    Finley from Berrigan took place. Mr. Thomas was M[...]
    [...]rnambool and- now stationed at the
    National Bank, Finley was associated and inducted into the Sessions on
    9th June, 1946. He was also Superintendent of Finley Sunday School until
    his transfer. On his retirement from the Bank he returned to Finley and
    rejoined the Session. Mr. S.V. Dudley was ele[...]of dancing as a means of raising money. After
    the Finley Hall was built, the Fellowship requested permissi[...]used for
    fund raising, but times have changed and Finley now has an Annual
    Scottish Ball.

    After Mr. Perki[...]d was
    secretary, at the time of his death, of the Finley Committee.

    During April, 1950, a Call was exte[...]stern Australia, who was inducted into Tocumwal-Finley
    Charge and remained Minister until his d[...]
    [...]thusiastic believer in
    Stewardship and he induced Finley end of the Charge to undertake a
    campaign. The fi[...]s not entirely satisfactory and
    at present (1970) Finley is in line, with most other Congregations in New[...]urch.

    Tocumwal Congregation did not join up with Finley in this matter but
    eventually they held one of th[...]the Stewardship Programme
    since its inception for Finley.

    Terms of Call included Stipend £1000 and trave[...]d reduced the numbers to two each at Tocumwal and Finley. The
    necessary steps were taken to increase the n[...]d Messrs. C.R. Chugg, J. Millar and A.J. Dawe for Finley. These seven
    men were ordained and inducted as El[...]A.P. Mortimore.

    On taking up duties in Tocumwal-Finley, Mr. Mortimore was plunged into
    the organi[...]
    [...]reached, and celebrated Communion at Tocumwal and Finley. He intimated
    to the Rev. T. Cowperthwaite that h[...]e Presbytery of Murrumbidgee met in Scots Church,
    Finley, for the purpose of inducting the Rev. N.C. Bell into the pastoral
    charge of Tocumwal-Finley. Mr. Bell proved to be a successful Minister
    and[...]ed and inducted to the eldership in Scots Church, Finley. Mr.
    Bell re-started a Church Paper in 1968, but[...]as inducted into the pastoral change of Tocumwal-
    Finley by the Presbytery of Murrumbidgee on 5th F[...]
    [...]esh fence was erected along the South
    Boundary of Finley Church property replacing a picket fence almost f[...]ry of the
    opening and dedication of Scots Church, Finley, when another State
    Moderator, the Rt. Rev. H.V.[...]sions as a
    Central Committeeman and Member of the Finley Committee over a period of
    about 40 years; also M[...]the Church and is the oldest surviving member at Finley.

    [...]srs. H.W. Tuck, N.D. Cowan,
    A. Gibson, K. White.

    Finley Secretaries from 1918 were : Miss C. McAll[...]
    [...]Tocumwal Finley

    Mrs. H.H. Hearn. Miss Tongs[...]SUPERINTENDENTS.

    Tocumwal Finley Retreat.
    Miss St[...]
    FINLEY The Congregation donated the Moderator's[...]


    The story of the Presbyterian Tocumwal-Finley Charge, 1880-1970.
    Finley (Scots) Presbyterian Church