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    Diaconate : A Statement for Study and Comment


    [...]ct from the ministry of the laity. The
    concept of deacon does not need to be justified by deriving it from[...]he Word. It also questioned the assumption that a deacon
    would be a full-time professional worker,[...]
    [...]ified the debate if the statement had said that a
    Deacon would normally be:
    1. a full time worker,[...]
    [...]expressing a strong involvement in these
    areas. A deacon might occasionally conduct worship, but this would not
    be a major part of his or her calling. The role of deacon is thus quite
    distinct from that of minist[...]
    [...]el of training and in their task. The role of the deacon
    would be less specialised than in option I.

    3. A[...]In the Roman Catholic and Anglican traditions a deacon is a person
    who assists in the liturgy. The diaco[...]nd oversight for
    the tasks it entrusts to them. A deacon would offer a ministry of the
    Word, but no[...]
    [...]d 'ordination' to describe the commissioning of a
    deacon. The question is not as trivial as it might seem.[...]If the Church did not call the commissioning of a
    deacon 'ordination', this would not imply that a deacon's status would be
    lower than that of an ordained[...]oice of a word to describe the commissioning of a
    deacon may depend on the function which he or she is see[...]ed that the Uniting Church would
    favour the word 'deacon' for both men and women. This usage has be[...]


    Ministry of Deacon