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    Ordination and Ministry in the Uniting Church : A Report from the Assembly Commission on Doctrine for Study and Comment


    in the
    Uniting Church

    A report from the Assembly
    Commission on Doctrine
    for study and comment

    [...]the Uniting Church welcomes this report from the Commission on Doctrine, and
    invites any individual or council or agency of the church to comment on it.
    As well as the Commission's report, this publication includes a statement from Diakonia:UCA, which
    presents a view different from the Commission's on one aspect of the report. The Assembly Stand[...]at a statement from Diakonia was to accompany the Commission's report, believing
    that deacons should have the[...]C010
    As well as responses by written comment, the Commission is likely to arrange for regional consulta[...]
    [...]Church in Australia
    A Report from the Assembly Commission on Doctrine

    Preface This report was prepared by the Assembly Commission on Doctrine in
    response to decisions of the[...]g
    Committee also referred to the Commission on Doctrine some other
    questions about ordin[...]rom time to time to clarify particular matters of doctrine and
    church order. Statements iss[...]being on how the church understands the issue or doctrine on which
    division or uncertainty[...]ng responsibility for
    matters of doctrine" (Constitution, 38a). Any statement which the Ass[...]to be a contribution.
    The Commission on Doctrine is established by the church to advise the
    Assembly on matters of doctrine. This is a broad mandate. The Assembly[...]nd with or
    without amendment. The Commission on Doctrine came to believe strongly
    that it[...]te depth
    and locating the doctrine of ordination in its proper theological[...]
    [...]standing of God as triune. In this statement, the Commission has
    sought to be faithful to the church's historic faith as expressed in the
    doctrine of the Trinity. However, the Commission is mindful of the fact that
    the traditional language in which this doctrine is expressed is difficult for an
    increasing numbe[...]church on how this tension is to be resolved. The
    Commission has wished neither to avoid reference to God as F[...]nd Holy Spirit, nor to use these terms alone. The Commission on Doctrine
    recognises that the language used in this report[...]d will not be completely satisfactory to all.
    The Commission is greatly indebted to a task group appointed to[...]. Kerry Rebecca-Pattenden. The chairperson of the Commission also
    attended meetings. Very sincere thanks are d[...]report is presented to the Uniting Church by the Commission on
    Doctrine in the hope that it will stimulate a good discuss[...]Chairperson
    Assembly Commission on Doctrine
    Sydney, 25 Fe[...]
    [...]resolutions requested the Commission on Doctrine to further investigate[...]91.13.11 Requests to the Commission on Doctrine
    (a) That the Commission on Doctrine be requested to investigate the issues[...](b) That the Commission on Doctrine make a study of the relationship[...]. Both these issues have been taken up by the Commission on
    Doctrine. The first has been treated separately in the Commission's[...]
    [...]Press on behalf of the Joint Commission on Church Union.
    1971[...]Ministers of the Word) (Commission on Doctrine, for the Third[...]ublished by the Joint
    Documents Commission on Church Union in 1963. This document, in[...]
    [...]In 1982 the Third Assembly received from the Commission on
    The 1982 Doctrine a document entitled Ordination: A statement for s[...]64
    Joint Commission on Church Union in The Church: Its nature, functi[...]15. In 1985 the Commission on Doctrine reported to the Fourth Assembly[...]by the WCC Faith and Order Commission in Lima in January 1982,[...]
    [...]Therefore the Commission on Doctrine, in responding to the[...]
    [...]ement of God.
    The classical doctrine of the missio dei, the "mission of God", s[...]
    [...]n the framework of the
    commission of all baptised persons for ministry in ge[...]
    [...]expression of the general commission to ministry which is implicit in[...]
    [...]36. Some of these issues are considered in the Commission on Doctrine's
    paper on Lay Presidency at the Sac[...]
    [...]remain unanswered. The Commission on Doctrine does not think[...]by ordination. The Commission hopes that this statement on[...]ordination. In the light of these responses the Commission on
    Doctrine will make specific recommendations to the[...]
    [...]It is
    not part of the report prepared by the Commission on Doctrine, but by decision of the Standing
    Committee i[...]ferent perspectives from those put forward in the Doctrine
    Commission's report Ordination and Ministry in the Uniting Church.
    We do not wish to really debate the Commission's report at this stage but rather to alert the ch[...]port. (Deacons were consulted at one stage of
    the Commission's process in framing its report, but no deacons are members of the Commission). The
    following affirmations represent views disc[...]scope of all ministry given
    through the great commission of Jesus to make disciples of all people a[...]
    [...]n this regard we reject
    recommendations in the Doctrine Commission's report limiting the sacramental ministry of dea[...]lisiation of the diaconate, whether or
    not the Commission so intended. The renewed diaconate must no[...]


    [...]n the Uniting Church : A Report from the Assembly Commission on Doctrine for Study and Comment