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Presidential Papers 1977-

The Presidential Papers are a repository of documents relating to past Presidents of the Uniting Church in Australia for the period 1997-2015.

J Davis McCaughey (1977-79)
Winston O'Reilly (1979-1982)
Rollie Busch (1982-85)
Ian Tanner (1985-88)
Ronald Wilson (1988-91)
H D'Arcy Wood (1991-94)
Jill Tabart (1994-97)
John E Mavor (1997-2000)
James Haire (2000-03)
Dean Drayton (2003-06)
Gregor Henderson (2006-09)
Alistair MacRae (2009-12)
Andrew Dutney (2012-15)
Stuart McMillan (2015-18)

The contents of this collection are confidential and can only be fully accessed on request to the Assembly Archivist. 

Please ring 02 8838 8982 to discuss your request or use this Contact Us form